This book would work brilliantly alongside a project about the Victorians …”


A great TES review of Finding Black Beauty which teachers, in particular, might find helpful – plus wonderful input from children who read the book too.

“An absolutely delightful story!” Read the review here: TES Reviews

Here are the highlights:

“Peppered with humour among the dramatic moments and with charming characters that children will love, this is a great story for adventure fans and fans of animal stories alike. An absolutely delightful story!”

“This book would work brilliantly alongside a project about the Victorians, as it is set during this time period. With vivid descriptions of Victorian London, this book would really bring to life the experiences of people during this time. Given that much of the book is set on several big estates, it is a perfect opener to discussing the differences between the quality of life of the upper and the working classes.

The children who I reviewed this book with were also shocked about the treatment of the animals in the story, so it would be a helpful tool for learning how attitudes to animal welfare have changed over time.”

“I really loved this book, because I thought it was really surprising and it has a lot of drama. I found some parts quite shocking. I also love horses so this is a great choice for me.”
Kaitlyn, Primary 6