Princess Disgrace is in the shops



Royal fanfare please!  

Princess DisGrace is here – looking fabulous with fantastic illustrations by Kimberley Scott.


Princess DisGrace: First Term at Tall Towers

Think The Worst Witch gone royal. Scruffy larks in a posh princess school. Naughty but so nice. Being a princess can be tough work. You have to be beautifully dressed, perfectly polite and (worst of all) graceful. Our heroine, Princess Grace, might be a proper royal – but she isn’t at all true to her name. She’s the clumsiest princess ever, as snobby Princess Precious loves to remind her. Will the Princess Academy help Grace to be a proper princess at last? Pageants, unicorn-training classes, adventures and hi-jinks: we’re stuck on this magical series by the author of Shrinking Violet.