ShipwreckRapid Reading

Fast-paced and full of action, Rapid Reading can treble the rate of reading progress.


Jack Splat

JS2 cover

This (quite yucky) action series is told from the fly-on-the-wall perspective of death-defying hero Jack Splat as he goes about his daily business – landing on tasty bits of food and spreading germs. But there is danger everywhere for a small fly, and Jack must dodge dastardly attempts to bring his life to a swift end!


Shadow Snatcher

sscoverAiden and his little sister Eva are home alone on Halloween. When a stranger dressed up as Death rings the doorbell, Aiden’s not fooled. He knows it’s only Uncle Tony, and lets him straight in. But it’s not Uncle Tony at all…Death has come for Eva, and he’s not going to leave without her, unless Aiden can win in a bet to save Eva’s life. But how can Aiden and Eva cheat Death?